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The Opera Developer has released a new version of their global-known web browser. This is an insight of their product.
Opera comes with pretty exciting additions. One of them is the Chromecast support. You can cast a YouTube video, for example, on your TV by simply ticking the "Enable Chromecast support" from the browser settings and then clicking on the cast icon from the video player controls.

Another functionality is the "Save page as PDF". You can store a page for offline reading or send it to other devices or just save for later personal use, but now in a PDF format. Pretty neat I'd say.

Going further, the context menu tab is more functional, some unnecessary items being moved into more related sections, while new "Reload" and "Reload All Tabs" functions being added so that you can refresh your current session faster.
Also, improvements have been made to the "Unit converter" which can now support "millimeters to inches" conversion and to the "Currency converter", four new cryptocurrencies being added( Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin ).

Be patient, it's still a work in progress, it may have some undiscovered bugs, but it's an exciting look to the future.

John Saunders
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  • Has Chromecast support
  • Has a casting option
  • Fast browsing


  • Casting tabs is not working
  • Tabs lack visibility
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